Fun Time in the Beach Hotels in Negombo

Negombo has a rich and beautiful collection of churches and forts. There are a number of them which date back to the 17th century. These attractions have aided the felicitation of naming Negombo as a “little Rome”. The Portuguese and Dutch influence can be quite evidently seen in this once trading port. Its access to the airport ensures its suitability for travelers and tourists who need to access the airport. The beaches here have a certain unique calmness which allows guests and travelers to enjoy a calming influence on their minds to rejuvenate their spirits. One cannot help but notice the quietness and peacefulness of the less crowded beaches which allow one to completely have time and space to oneself. Negombo is dotted with a lot many shops from where the tourists can take back souvenirs such as handicrafts, gems, and spices.

Useful Information

The climate is a bit hot and sticky with average temperature ranging from 29 to 30 degree Celsius with a slight fall in temperature during the monsoons. best private hospital in sri lanka The humidity hovers around 75%. The people generally prefer to wear light cotton clothes because of the tropical climate. However, tourists need to be careful to not wear skimpy dresses while entering religious places as it could possibly hurt the sentiments of the local populace.

Negombo is located on the west coast of Sri Lanka just about 29 kilometers to the north of the capital Colombo. Negombo has a number of wide beaches and plenty of seafood which make it a gourmet’s delight. The access and reach to Negombo is quite convenient since it is just about 12 kilometers away from the Bandaranaike International Airport. The city has a reasonably good network of public transport with a considerable number of buses and trains linking the city to the suburbs. There are taxis and three-wheelers as well which can be hired. It is best that one negotiate and settle on a mutually acceptable price beforehand.

Major Attractions

The soft sandy beaches in Negombo are quiet and peaceful ensuring for a peaceful and holistic time. Tourists can hire equipments from the hotels in Negombo where they are staying or from the private vendors to participate in water sports like diving, wind surfing, etc. There are a number of restaurants which line the area at the beach and serve as very delicious fare of mouth watering seafood. The beaches of Negombo provide a lot of fun activities for the tourists and visitors. However, at times it can be a little bit annoying just in case you are looking for some privacy and find locals peddling their goods. But, in case you are the type who likes to have fun bargaining for the best price, then you are bound to enjoy your conversation with them. The more adventurous will like (though some might shudder) the thought of wrestling with a python, king cobra or a baby king cobra which are peddled around by the snake charmers. In case you happen to hire a local fishing boat remember to negotiate for the best price.

The city houses a number of churches. One which is quite prominent and holds a lot of influence is the St. Mary’s Church whose beautifully painted ceiling is simply breathtaking!

The Dutch Fort which dates back to 1672 is in close proximity to the sea. Though it is in ruins at present, it nevertheless attracts tourists just for curiosity sake. Many tourists take time out to explore this fort which initially belonged to the Portuguese and was later taken over by the Dutch and converted into a jail.

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