How to Survive a Break Up With Clarity of Thought and Mind

When you try to find out how to survive a break up, the pain and agony often makes it difficult. Initially you may feel that you will never be able to overcome pain. However time is a great healer and you will quickly learn to move on. The earlier you come out of this vicious cycle the better it is for you.

If you are feeling angry, frustrated and upset, don’t worry. This is a normal pattern observed with most people who have relationship problems. The best way to survive a break up is to share your feeling with others. This will release some pressure and you can then think rationally. The earlier you make yourself free of tension the better will be your planning for getting back your ex or to start a new relationship with someone else.

Some easy ways of dealing with the pain and overcoming it is to listen to music, play your favorite sport, watch a movie, writing your feelings, sharing your feelings with a friend or a family member.

Once you have cooled down, think about what you want to do. If the break up was  ugly, then some effort will be required to get your ex back. However if the breakup happened after a minor argument, you may be able to get back together easily. After the anger subsides both of you may want to patch up again. This may be the simplest way to survive a break up and get back together.

However if you decide to move on then start looking for new relationships. If you already have someone in mind, it may be a good idea to start a casual talk with him / her. Don’t discuss your past relationship too much with the new person you are dating. You should not be starting a new relationship with any confusion. Be clear and candid about your plans. Clarity of thought and mind would be the best way to survive a break up.

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