Theta Healing for Women With Alopecia

Theta Healing is one of the forms of energy healing. It is said that Alopecia could be caused by psychological effects. As such, Theta Healing is especially beneficial. I am sure you are aware that your emotional and mental health has a huge effect on your physical health. No ‘pill’ can ‘fix’ your mental health so that it results in physical health. Theta Healing is natural, energy healing that is effective in treating your mental and emotional well-being resulting in better physical health.

How does Theta energy healing work for women with alopecia and how is it better than other forms of therapy?

It is not unusual for the stress, anxiety and depression that encompass the lives of many women to cause hair loss or alopecia. Theta Healing helps you use your own theta brain waves to connect to a higher power for direct energy healing.

This method of healing focuses on taking the brain to a higher theta state which is an effective way to reduce and eliminate mental or physical anomalies in the human body including anxiety, stress, depression and hair loss.


– Prescription Drugs – Antibiotics, anti-fungal and cortisone medications are commonly used to treat infections that cause hair loss. However, these medications contain chemicals that affect your overall health. Theta techniques promote natural healing of infections and hair loss.

– Non-Prescription Treatments – Many dermatologists and doctors recommend OTC treatments like Rogaine (Minoxidil) to treat hair loss. Again, this is not a natural treatment and may cause many side effects unlike Theta methods.

– Hair Transplantation – Transplanting hair from tissues with skin and hair that grows is grafted surgically to the balding or thinning areas. There are many risks with any type of surgery including this form. Theta therapy is a healing method that is non-invasive.

– Scalp Reduction – The very name of this procedure is frightening. However, that does not seem to stop people with bald scalps from having it done. This is cosmetic surgery that actually removes areas of the bald scalp in order to bring the hair line closer together. There is no such necessity with Theta Healing.

– Flap Surgery – This procedure moves a part of the scalp that has hair on it to the areas where hair loss has occurred. Theta therapy does not move your scalp; it does help you access and use your higher brain power for healing and hair loss.

Theta techniques to remedy alopecia in women are effective, safe, natural and efficient. Some people experience rapid results from this method of healing with none of the side effects that they might incur with more traditional methods. If you are challenged with Alopecia, why not give Theta Healing a try?

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