Developing Creative Writing Ideas And Why Plagiarism Sucks

Coming up with creative writing ideas is necessary for anyone using content when working online but it can be a challenge! As a result many forgo any attempt at being creative themselves and choose instead to ‘copy’ the work of another! On several levels this is a bad idea but for the sake of this discussion we’re going to focus on 3 reasons why you should avoid plagiarism when working online!


Simply stated passing the work of others off as your own is underhanded, deceitful and just damn lazy! For anybody who is using content for marketing purposes, it is vitally important that you avoid plagiarism! Building relationships and trust is both time consuming and necessary to succeed online however getting caught plagiarizing brands you as a cheater, liar and thief! This is NOT a good reputation to have and certainly not one that will help increase your marketing effectiveness! It is simply unethical no matter how you look at it!

Time Consuming

Ever notice how it can take more time researching and copying content somebody has already composed as opposed to recording your own thoughts? In the vast majority of cases, your mind has the ability to ‘process’ thoughts and ideas faster than it takes for you to find them! Being creative is NOT hard work but merely requires for you to allow your own mind to do what it’s capable of doing!

Limits Your Creativity

There is a saying that goes ‘use it or lose it’ and this applies to being creative as well! Atrophy is what occurs to our own body when it is not being used, it tends to deteriorate! Muscles become weaker and than they actually begin to shrink and/or wither from lack of use! The same occurs when we rely upon the creativity of others in terms of using content they wrote instead of writing it ourselves! The creative genius within you will simply lay dormant making it that much harder to use when you do call upon it! Simply stated the more lazy you tend to be, the lazier you will become, make sense?

It is common for many to use the work of others when they find it difficult to develop their own creative writing ideas! Using content that others composed is acceptable only when the ‘real’ author is credited but when this is NOT the case, that is when the potential for trouble can arise! In particular for people working on the internet this ‘temptation’ is both frequent and common! The discussion above points out 3 reasons why you should avoid plagiarism and why being creative when composing content is the best route to take! The plain and simple fact is that developing your own ideas when using content may be even easier and more time efficient than copying the work of another! Now you’re not only developing your writing skills but your credibility as well!

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