How to Plan a Party – Event Themes, Designs, Party Ideas and More!

Whether you are planning a party for your birthday, baby shower, engagement or wedding the actual preparation can be quite overwhelming! You will want to make sure that you invite the right people, pick the right venue and choose the best party supplies – after all everyone wants to throw a party that people will enjoy and remember!

The first step is to think about the venue, where you are having the party will have a big influence on your guests, how many you will invite and what sort of party it will be, you may choose a house party, beach party, your favourite restaurant or the local town hall..?! Once you know where you will be holding your party you can firstly set the date – you are likely to have this in mind before you choose the venue so that you can make sure that you get the right time etc. Once you have it all booked then start picking a theme; this will help you to come up with the ideas for your invitations, decorations entertainment and more.

Make sure that you set a budget for your party before you send out the invites that way you will know what to tell your guests, e.g BYO drinks or Food and Drink Provided. Once you have tackled the theme you can then concentrate who you will invite, arrange to have your invitations sent out and await the RSVP’s from those would love to help you celebrate!

When you know how many people are coming you can then start to think about food preparation whether you will seek the help of your family and friends or if you will need caterers – bear in mind that these should be booked as far in advance as possible. Plus if you are organising it yourself don’t forget the serving ware such as plates, bowls and cutlery!

Your theme may influence your choice but make sure you spend some time thinking about the music you will play at your party. This is important as it will help to set the mood and vibe of the event. Then come the decorations, these should reflect the theme of the party and could include table gifts or party favours for all of your guests! Make sure that the colours match in with your chosen scheme so that the venue is perfect for the arrival of your guests!

The hardest part will be to pick the theme, there are so many fantastic ideas out there and your choice will of course depend on your personality, who you are inviting and what sort of party vibe you are after. Here are some pretty cool themed ideas to help you plan a memorable party that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Why not choose a ‘Year Theme’ that means something to you – Here is our selection of party ideas from the 1920s to the 1980s…


Also known as the Roaring Twenties or the Jazz Age, the 20s saw an art deco style that represented elegance, glamour, functionality and modernity.


With World War II taking place in the first half of the decade and lingering well into the late 40s, why not base your party on a wartime theme; hang up your bunting, wartime posters and pictures of spitfires and camouflage!


Rock and Roll dominated the popular music scene in the late 1950s. It saw artists like Chuck Berry, Little Richie and Elvis taking to the stage! So think American Diner and select your music carefully and ‘rock around the clock’ at your 50s theme party.


The Swinging 60s – think Summer of Love, Woodstock and Psychedelic influences! Peace, Love and the rise of the ‘Hippie’ culture make this a very colourful theme for a birthday party.


Create your own Disco – Boogie Nights experience with a 70s theme party! Think John Travolta, bright lights and disco balls!!


Think Marty McFly- Back to the Future or Madonna & Boy George! Whatever you plan for your 80s style party you can be sure that there are some pretty cool ideas for your party decorations, gifts and favours.

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