Top Wedding Ideas! And How To Save Lots of Money On Your Wedding!

Weddings are traditionally (but not exclusively) a religious ceremony between two people who are forming a union; many changes have been made to the law surrounding a marriage in the last twenty years or so. Although the service may be quite lengthy and involved, it is not complete until the legal aspect is fulfilled; a legal document called a marriage license must be signed before the law recognizes a couple is married. A woman taking part in the ceremony is called a bride, a man called a bridegroom; once they are married they known as the wife and husband.

Getting Married in a Church

Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Traditionally the church is the most popular venue, where the ceremony is presided over by a Christian priest. White weddings may be quite normal for those of us that live in the United States, UK, Ireland and the Commonwealth but they are not always accepted worldwide amongst Christian faiths.

Multiple Services

A different type occasion often difficult to arrange is where two couples are married simultaneously; this often happens where a person has a brother or sister that decides to tie the knot at the same time and it is not unheard of for two brothers to marry two sisters this way.

Foreign Resort Weddings

Destination weddings are becoming more popular and many couples decide to have their wedding and honeymoon in the same place; destination weddings automatically conjure up exotic countries but it could just as easily be a themed wedding in Las Vegas to qualify for that title.

Weekend Weddings

A weekend wedding is where couples and their guests celebrate over the course of a weekend. Those with a themed element can also be very successful and the activity can be either built into the day or over the course of a weekend. Lodging is usually at the same facility and couples often host a Sunday brunch for the weekend’s finale.

Online Marriages

An online wedding is conducted on the internet which can resemble a normal ceremony; internet based specialists are already available to help organize your ceremony. Strangely, if you decide to have your marriage shown online in real time it is called an online wedding.

City Hall Weddings Elected and appointed officials can carry out a marriage ceremony which is usually called a civil wedding. For people that elect this type of ceremony it is not important to them if God or religion is referred to in such a brief service. Owing to the brevity of these ceremonies, the persons getting married do not mind if they are carried out in a city hall or even a courtroom.                    

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