The Benefits Of A Hydroponic ‘Grow Room’

A grow room is any room especially designated for growing plants. A hydroponic grow room is thus a room where the means of cultivation is hydroponics. Hydroponics is an increasingly popular method of growing plants, because a hydroponic system does not require soil for cultivation.

Small hydroponic systems usually have the plants grown in a solid medium with the pot suspended in the nutrient infused water. Solid mediums comprise of coconut husk, perlite, rockwool, or clay etc…

A hydroponic system requires containers that are suitable for the intended medium to be used, the type of system to be installed and a given area, often referred to as a ‘growing room’. altaqua For home use, a room or garage can be designated for growing or a small tent set up can be installed in part of the garage for example.

How Does a Hydroponic Grow Room Work?

A hydroponic grow room requires the control of lighting, temperature, humidity and ventilation and systems are available in the market, or can be built from scratch as well. Commercial growers prefer to have specific systems designed for their needs, but non-commercial users also opt to design a system on their own, as it is cheaper.

A hydroponics system cannot be implemented successfully unless all the aspects of the atmosphere are controlled since the purpose is to mimic ideal conditions (as suited for individual plants) all year round for an uninterrupted supply of fruits, vegetables, flowers or herbs regardless of natural conditions.

Any hydroponics grow room, regardless of its design, fulfills a few basic requirements. It gives the grower the option to vary the all the factors. Tomatoes for example, require bright sunshine to grow to an optimum size. Growers located in areas where the sun does not shine for a reasonable amount of time, can build a specific room, equip it with artificial lighting and temperature controllers to grow tomatoes.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Grow Room?

There are several advantages of making use of a specific room for growing hydroponic plants as compared to using an outdoor open facility. Firstly, the plants are less susceptible to disease, pests and birds that are more prevalent in an uncontrolled environment. Even if the plant is healthy and flourishing, the threat of wild birds and crows always looms as they love to pick on healthy produce.

Secondly, the plants that grow in a hydroponic grow room are of a higher quality in terms of color, size, taste and composition of nutrients, when weighed against the yield of traditional methods. They grow much faster because they are constantly provided with ideal conditions.

Since the successful working of a grow room requires a controlled environment, including water and nutrients, there is reduced wastage of the two, resulting in a lower negative impact on the ecosystem.

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