12 Weeks To Lose Unwanted Belly Fat And Inches For This Summer

I love online fat loss challenges because I believe they can help get you motivated, especially when there is a deadline and you are surrounded by other’s that share the same desire.

Here are some women that are enrolled in a 12-Week Fat Loss Challenge and how they felt about their 1st week completed.


55 years young

I’ve always been interested in health and fitness and felt like I was eating healthy and exercising well. When I started working with Heather (taking her boot camp classes – she really gives you a great workout and working with her on my nutrition), I learned that I wasn’t working my body efficiently. I’ve never had anyone work with me to focus on changing the role that your mind plays as it relates to fat loss. My goal is to have a lean body as well. I have family members in MD that are on the same program and they are all losing weight. I’m talking about 90 lbs but it has taken them a year to do it. We just all need to be patient but we can do it too! Good luck to everyone.

Here is her recap of her first week accomplished:
What I did good this week: I fixed Easter dinner and only ate healthy foods. We went out with friends and I remained on my program. No alcohol! Social drinking can be a problem but I remained focus and think before I have a social drink.

My challenges this past week was that I didn’t work out hard enough since I was in Myrtle Beach part of the time. I’m back home and on track. I will continue to take Heather’s boot camp where I get the best workouts.

When I fixed Easter dinner, I really wasn’t tempted to eat the cheesecake or the twice baked potatoes that I fixed.

What I will do different this week is increase my workouts. I will maintain my healthy eating and focusing on putting only good fuel in my body.

Fat Loss Goals:

30 Days

My body is now fit.

I am a size 8

My challenges are when we go out for the evening. We have some things coming up and I will only put good fuel in my body. We have a trip planned at the end of April that will be a challenge for me because I know there will be lots of eating and drinking. We are going to Palm Springs, CA with about 24 members of the Harbor Club but I will stay focused on my eating plan. I will exercise while I am on vacation.

60 Days

To think more positive about my body. I continue to do my affirmations and listen to the CDs to stay focused.

90 Days

My body is now fit. I have lost body fat, continue to do my affirmations, eating healthy, and get some sort of daily exercise. Continue to enter my foods into FitDay and monitor my calories, fat, carbs and protein. I continue to have protein with every meal that I eat.


39 years old (young)

I’m 39 years old, married with 3 wonderful children. Grew up primarily in Goose Creek, attended college at CofC, been working in an environmental lab since my last semester of college. While I was in college, I started caring about my health after I put on the freshmen 10 lbs. I took some fitness classes (running, racquetball) and worked out sporadically at the FIRM. Moved to N. Charleston, joined a fitness center, didn’t really worry about the nutrition part of being healthy. Slowly put weight on over the years. Got married, had children. With each pregnancy, kept a few more pounds.

I am a size 8 (currently in size 14 clothing). My goal is to be healthy, lean and strong by eating the right foods and exercising regularly.

Set your goals:

Nutrition: I am eating protein with each meal. I am recording intake on http://www.fitday.com

Mental: I am a size 8 and I feel great.

Exercise: I am exercising at least four days each week.

Write affirmations:

I eat for my size 8 body everyday.

I train for my size 8 body regularly.

I use affirmations everyday.

What I accomplished this week:

I am back at the gym on a regular basis. I am recording intake on http://www.fitday.com.


Making time to focus on the mental part. Eating on Easter.

Changes for next week:

Better plan food. Make time for mental component of this healthier lifestyle.


I am Laura. I am a 54 year old business woman,and grandmother. I quit smoking about 10 years ago, and I guess I substituted food for the smoking. I have just never gotten it under control again. I get on the wagon for a while, and do well, and when I fall off, and start eating unhealthy, I have a time trying to get myself back on track. I have diabetes now, and I know what I need to do to be healthy.

This disease is controllable, and nutrition and movement are the key. I could teach volumes, but I am really having a tough time following a healthy plan. I am, by nature a strong willed, determined woman, so when I am good, I am great, but when I am bad, well, I never do anything half way. I love healthy foods, and salads, but my weakness is starch, and sugar. ( sugar is a drug)

My goals are to be lean, strong, and healthy. The healthy part is so much more important than anything else. I want to ” sit on the back porch, covered with grandchildren, and yell NO, and Stop that!!” I am looking forward to the strength we will have as a team, and hope we can all help each other.


When I moved to SC 2 years ago, I was in the best shape of my life, lean and in a size 4! I slowly started to gain the weight back when I did not join a gym and started picking on the boy’s fries, etc. The last 10-15 lbs came on fast when I was trying to clear my system from my thyroid medicine to start a new one.

My goal is to be lean, strong, healthy sexy and confident.


Well, to summarize in short story form, I’ve always been interested in fitness, exercise and healthy eating, but I have strong ‘binge’ tendencies when it comes to french fries, sweets & simple carbs.

I’ve always exercised regularly since graduating from college with a few bouts with minimal exercise, but exercise makes me feel SO good & full of energy. Of course, I didn’t have issues with weight until after having my children. But I got the weight down to a size 8/10 (8 is my norm).

I love to eat so I have to exercise to keep the weight from creeping on. When I say I binge, I mean I’ll eat healthy for a week and then eat bad one day and not just limit myself to 2 cookies etc…I will get in that mindset of ‘well, I’ve already blown it for today so I’m going to eat anything I want and how much I want – even though I may not be hungry’…it’s more of a mental game of emotional eating…then a few days later I’ll get back on track. I have yoyo’d with my weight for several years within 10-15 lbs. I was at the weight I wanted to be at until last Nov when I started eating bad and letting the lbs come on.

I have gained close to 15 lbs since Nov and I want it OFF and to be back in my size 8 pants! Since I work full time and have 2 children (8 & 12 yr olds) , I don’t have time to go to a gym so I work out at home…I have a treadmill,weights and a slew of workout videos (taebo, core secrets, turbo jam, hip hop abs and the firm) that I alternate with. I’m very interested in healthy eating and learning the proper balance between cardio and weight training.


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