Banish the Blues With a Honda Jazz

There’s nothing quite like seeing a Honda Jazz in the morning to make your day start with a smile, because there’s something instantly refreshing about the quirky little car that has put Honda firmly on the map when it comes to diminutive cars that pack a punch.

Superminis are generally quite handy little automobiles, especially when it comes to city life and trying to find a parking spot amongst hordes of hulking great 4x4s. I appreciate the smaller car and recognise that there is something to be said for functionality over imposing size. But there’s one thing that I can’t stand, a dark, brooding rage that cuts through me every time I see a car that is besmirched in such a way.
I’m sorry, but I have to say it. I hate coup├ęs. There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to clamber into the back seat whilst bumping your head on the door frame and trying to balance in the invariably tiny footwell that seems to be modelled on a postage stamp, such is the impracticality of the whole affair. Sure they’re fine for the driver and one passenger, right up until the point that you want to put something slightly cumbersome in the back. Then it’s a game of testing boot capacity, fiddling with seats and wishing that there was an extra set of doors that would make everything so much simpler. 

 To see a supermini that is efficiently compact and yet offers spacious 5-door access is, sadly, still a novel experience. But Honda have come to the rescue with the Jazz, engineering an externally meagre 5-door car that is clearly part Tardis due to its surprisingly roomy interior. 

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