Don’t Wait For “Bad News” Before You Quit Smoking

It’s repeated over and over that smoking is an extremely dangerous habit. Many who have tried to quit smoking after years of lighting up wish they’d never started. That’s the advice any doctor or quit smoking clinic will tell you. “Don’t start.”

Once you’ve gotten into the habit, however, that advice is a little late. If you missed that early advice, don’t miss this.

“Don’t wait for bad news before you quit smoking.”

Any smoker will tell you how difficult it is to quit smoking. Almost all smokers fail to quit their first and sometimes their second, third, and more tries. In the end, it all comes down to your determination to quit smoking.

No one can force you to quit smoking. In all likelihood, no one can convince you to quit either, except perhaps your doctor. By the time your doctor gives you this advice, it could already be too late. At best, he’s seen something in your tests to indicate a rising problem or a potential health issue related to smoking.

Perhaps this is the bad news you need to convince you to quit smoking. But why wait? Only you can make that final decision. Only you can build the will necessary to quit smoking. More details please visit:-

How can you do that when smoking has become such a part of your life? Visiting a cancer clinic or hospital might help. Go into the wards where people are dying of cancer and talk to them. Talk to the doctors about how cancer can devastate your body.

A recent article features a man who developed a serious illness that caused him to lose some of his fingers. The doctor warned him that his smoking would make the condition worse. This was all the convincing he needed. He certainly didn’t want to lose any more fingers.

He admits it wasn’t easy to quit smoking after 37 years, 2 packs a day. At that point, smoking was as natural as “shopping for groceries,” he says. It’s now eight months since he quit smoking, but he still has cravings that he struggles to deny. The important thing is that he’s being realistic about all the ramifications of quitting and the importance of quitting. Then, he found a reason to quit smoking, and then he did quit.

The first step was to get a product from his doctor to ward off his cravings, but after two weeks he realized he’d have to go it alone. Being strong-willed, he was able to quit for good.

If you are convinced it’s time to quit smoking, there are a number of local services to help you, including the Lung Association, clinics and hospitals.

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