Good News For the Re-Manufactured Printer Industry

Quality, affordable printers are being advertised most anywhere you look. Most people are aware that re-manufactured printers, parts & supplies are an alternative to their higher priced OEM alternative counterpart. Most are also aware that there have, in the past, been issues in quality with aftermarket & recycled goods. Quality shouldn’t be sacrificed for affordability, so when you’re weighing in the pros & cons of doing business with a third-party distributor there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, make sure that the company you’ll be working with an industry leader. Your safest bet will be a company with 10 or more years of dealing with printers & parts, as well as a qualified tech support department that can assist you with questions. Also, you’ll want to consider the level of service you’ll be getting.

Personally, I like doing business with one specific person. You will want an experienced sales representative that will value your time & money & is ultimately willing to take the time to understand how your company works. This will help you to avoid simple errors that can create a tremendous hassle & added expense for you & your customer. As with anything, the ideal situation would be to build a relationship with representative that will take personal ownership over your orders & ultimately value YOUR business as THIER business! More details please visit:-

Now it comes to product. Historically, this has been the beast that burdens all resellers in every industry that has ever attempted to recycle a product. Sure you want to save money & you’re absolutely on board with all of the environmental benefits that come from recycling! Who wouldn’t be? The answer to that question is no mystery. Over the years, there has been a great deal of controversy over the lack of performance that has been linked with the re-manufactured printer industry. Everything from the toner supplies to the fuser & formatter boards has been under the microscope & rightfully so! Receiving faulty merchandise is frustrating, expensive & time consuming.

There is good news on this front, as quality standards have been set at an all-time high, for re-manufacturers everywhere! With the nation’s economic issues, companies are getting creative with their budgets. This is a perfect opportunity for resellers to catch a second wind & become superstars of the industry. Millennium Computer Brokerage Inc. has been in business for 11 years, with printers, parts, service & supplies as their primary business. Focusing on quality, all parts are thoroughly tested before being shipped to our customers & in most instances, same day shipping availability makes Millennium second to none where

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