How to Announce Your Expecting Baby News

You just found out that you are expecting a baby – congratulations! Of course you and your husband are thrilled, but many times the “other four” people that will be affected by this wonderful event don’t get the recognition they deserve. What four other people you may ask? Why the two sets of grandparent’s of course – Your mom and dad and his mom and dad will soon be grandparents – perhaps for the first time! There are many ways that you could celebrate this important occasion in your life with them but here are two ideas that we liked best.

Instead of telling your mom and his “the news” outright – send them something that will make them guess. One of the cutest deliveries that we’ve seen is the New Grandma’s Chick Kit. It’s a sweetly decorated hat box filled with all kinds of goodies for both baby and the new Grandma. When the new “Grandma to be” removes the lid, the first thing she’ll read is a card about what an important part she’ll play in the new baby’s life. She’ll then find practical items like baby powder, lotion, diapers and wipes (so she’ll be prepared for baby’s first visit.) But then there are also fun items like a baby brag book (for those necessary grandmother photos) a lollipop washcloth, a soft plush toy – for those fun moments together with baby – and a box of Chick Chocolates (because after all, Grandma’s are “Chicks” too says the note). Why not have one delivered to both your mom and his? More details please visit:-

We’ve covered recognizing the new Grandmother, but what about the new Grandpa? Not to worry! Send each Grandpa a “Grandpa’s On Duty” belt, that’s filled with all the items he’ll need to participate in the diaper changing action. Each belt comes standard with diapers, wipes, powder, and hand sanitizer all tucked into the cutest tool belt with the words “Grandpa’s On Duty” brightly embroidered on the front. Options you can add are goggles (if you know it’s a boy), It’s a Boy, It’s a Girl Candy Bars, and an “I love My Grandpa” Bib. Sending this delivery to “Grandpa” at work is very fun, as he can model the tool belt for all of his co-workers.

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