Benefits of Down Outwear

Many of us spend time outdoors in the winter time. Because the weather is cold and unpredictable, it is a wise investment to get the best outerwear, such as a men’s down vest or men’s down jacket, for wearing outside. Down outerwear makes a great choice for men’s and women’s clothing for several reasons, all of which are particularly appreciated in the cold winter months.

A men’s down jacket, for example, makes great outerwear for use in cold climates because down offers excellent insulation. When we think of insulation, the first thought we have is often of insulation used in buildings. There are lots of different types of insulation used in buildings, such as acoustic, fire and impact insulation, but there is a common idea between building insulation and clothing insulation: the concept of thermal insulation.

A men’s down vest will keep you warm due to the thermal insulation quality of the down. The down, which comes from birds, and in particular geese and ducks, is a good thermal insulator because it reduces unwanted heat loss, making it so that your body does not have to produce as much heat in order to stay warm outdoors, even in cold temperatures.

Another advantage that will come to you when you put on your men’s down jacket is that down compresses very well. This means that you can get superior insulation from down, with thick amounts being able to be fitted into small spaces. All of those feathers allow little pockets of air to get trapped in among them, which is what helps to provide the thermal insulation quality of the down in your men’s down vest or jacket.

Down jackets and vests also give the wearer the benefit of being quite lightweight. This is not always the case with other outerwear that offers similar warmth. If you are wearing your jacket or vest while on the job, you may be doing repetitive tasks for several hours at a time. If so, you will want outerwear that is lightweight, so that it does not weigh you down as you try to get your work done.

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