How Beautiful Are The Feet of Those Who Bring Good News

In blackness she comes
with nipples made of jade,
an apostle of the wind,
a seafaring hustler of the night
But she gives me what I need
Yet more importantly she tells me
what I would like to hear
Because life can be so cruel
and the future often a foregone conclusion
So let me escape into my sleep
in a world of swimming fish and dancing feet
For she has magic in her hands
so the fervor shall forever grow
Into a cove the water shall caress
with each hypnotic glance she does it to me there
So there is no need to fret or worry,
no need to mope or stew
The hunger is always current but the message still the same
Then let her appear as a golden apparition
with her breasts so firm and her legs up high
For she is an ethereal flower who likes to visit me in the twilight
So why should I worry when the rain is coming down
Let the waves rush over the ocean and the ripples gloss over the sheen
Whatever weather may come she appears in the sky
and provides all of the necessary relief for what remains to be seen
The winds can blow and the sun may shine
but there is never a doubt, a reluctance or misgiving
The vacillation is over, the wavering has faded into an abyss
So allow the chasm to remain for I will stay in this arcane, hermetic slumber
The seal is tight and trouble so far away
In my dream I choose to reside above the clamor of the street
and the shuffling of the whores with inebriated eyes and their needles clasped in vain
For the comfort I seek is available to me now
as it is here for the heroic, the tragic and the meek
But there is no unease, nor reservation or scruple, only an epistle from on high
Just a means to satisfy the weary, in grand opulence she does appear
with chains around her neck and daisy’s in her gown
Allow this fairy to beam for the vision may appear in the warmth of the sun
or in the desolation of the cold
In the foam or the flood, the corkscrew or the stream, the euphoria
is but a friend of mine who will allow me to glide upward into the heavens

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