What Ardyss International Has That Many Wellness Companies Don’t?

The health and wellness industry is purported to reach a trillion dollars by this year, 2010. If you are like most folks you take a supplemental product every day to offset what you can’t get eating ordinary foods during the day. The most frequent case of death according to the New England Journal of Medicine is dietary deficits.

For those of us fortunate enough to live in this day and age we can visit almost any Walgreen or Rite Aid for nutritional supplements. We are guaranteed to find something to mask many of our ailments that we face because of exposure to genetics, heredity, or environmental toxins. But what if the ailment you’ve got could be solved by removing the band-aid and following the lead of medical professional leading the charge in holistic health practices throughout the country with Ardyss International.

In the last 12 months, doctors throughout the United States have been joining Ardyss International to explore and test the scientific benefits of the company’s wellness and nutritional products for their patients. Over 40 doctors from a range of specialty fields have been using the products and documenting their progress. Dr. Marisha Agana, recently lead a study through the University of Ohio on Obesity in Teens and found that the Body Magic reshaping garment by Ardyss International significantly reduced the buttock, waist and stomach sizes of a teenage patient without harming the patients overall health and wellness. More details please visit:-straensenteret.no knutbrokstad.no sky1.no

Dr. Lee Laney is a Holistic Gastroenterologist, and he has been leading weekly discussion nationally about the benefits of Ardyss nutritional products for over a year. He has recruited doctors from every specialty including: OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, Cosmetic Surgeons, Oncologist, Naturopathic, Chiropractor, Gastroenterologist, Holistic practitioners, Bariatric Surgery, and Weight Loss.

His weekly reports from doctors prove that the products are working for patients and that people are getting their lives back. What this means is that redefining your health means redefining your body and your commitment to get healthy and stay that way.

What Ardyss International has that many Wellness companies don’t? They have leading experts in their fields who use the products and are providing their patients with more than a band-aid to their ailments but a solution to getting on the path to wellness once and for all.

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