BAD News – The #1 Reason Why MOST Psychic Readings Are So BAD! (Shocking But True)

Are you a psychic junkie like I am? Do you love the thought of getting insight, enlightenment and “insider” information from talking to GENUINE psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and emotional intuitives? I don’t blame you……and an amazing psychic reading about 20 years ago today changed my life in more ways than I can tell you right here…:-)

But the fact is, unfortunately…..for MANY of you, your psychic experiences are LESS than they could be. The sad truth is, 90% of you who actively paying for psychic readings are NOT getting the quality, accuracy and sincerity that you deserve. (and here is why)

The SHOCKING truth about psychic reading is……

Most of them are NOT good. Most of the “psychics” doing the readings…especially online, are NOT legitimate. And while many may mean well….they simple aren’t authentic. (and that’s the truth)

Did you know, for example, that many psychic services do NO background check at all on their psychic “hires”? They don’t test them. They don’t validate them. They simply hire them without any PROOF they have any genuine skill at all……and people like you and I who call those networks, are STUCK with sub par psychic readings we don’t deserve.

The EASIEST way to overcome SUB par psychic readings?

Insist on legitimate psychics. Don’t SETTLE for sub standard psychics who have not been tested, and proven to be good. Only call (or visit) the BEST of the best. The psychic service that I use ONLY hires 5 out of every 100 intuitives that apply. The “rejects” go to other networks…..working for many of the more popular networks, and unfortunately, perpetuate the problem of POOR readings for those of you who call them. (hint……..this simple change alone can TRANSFORM your experience from “so-so” to SPECTACULAR just about every time!)

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