Why the Recession Could Be Good News For Parents of ADD & ADHD Children

The recession has forced many of us to take a long, hard and brutally honest look at ourselves, our behaviors and values. We, in the Western World, have become victims of an economy based on a relentless need to consume. This “need” has become so voracious and so predominant in our society that it has been given the name “affluenza.”

In the economic boom of the 80’s and 90’s families became more and more focused on working, earning, spending and then working some more for the next round of spending. We wanted to “have it all” and we have paid the price. There was little time for anything else, for family, joy, laughter, feelings and intimacy.

But some of us didn’t stop here. We not only fell victims to this insanity of excessive consumerism and insanely hectic schedules, we forced our kids into it too. Many kids, for the first time ever, had no time or energy left to play with friends or to just hang-out and relax. Instead they were herded from one activity to another in a relentless pursuit for more, more more.

For the first time ever magazines started publishing articles about stressed and anxious kids, a fast growing phenomenon.

But now the recession has forced many of us to take a step back and re-think how much of this is really necessary to the healthy emotional development of your child. The recession has meant less disposable income for many families and many of us have had to cut out unnecessary activities and impulse purchases. More details please visit:-talviainen.fi ambientfactor.fi ferreta.fi kubisslondon.fi mattijohanneskoivu.fi akavanentre.fi kilpishop.fi

But rather than look at this as a tragedy, it helps to look at it as a blessing in disguise. The recession can be the wake-up call you needed. It can be a time to re-focus our priorities on what’s really important – Our families and taking the time to listen, to laugh, to love and to share.

Special Needs Children, including those with ADD/ADHD in particular, need more time. attention, affection and positive discipline than other children. They are, in a sense, more labor intensive than other children.

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