5 Different Ideas on Using Customer Satisfaction Cases for Writing Hotel Press Releases

Hotel press releases are instrumental to the online promotion of any hotels and resorts in a highly competitive tourism industry. They not only inform your target customers, but also empower and engage them in the most effective manner. Therefore, writing informative press releases is the key to getting higher visibility across search engines and building on your brand value to your customers. However, innovating such news stories each and every time is not an easy task, unless you have something interesting to talk about.

Moreover, hotel press releases are more daunting a task compared to other industries. Therefore, it is essential for the hoteliers to come up with innovating approaches to writing them that actually educate, inform and engage customers in a holistic fashion. Here are 5 creative ideas about customer satisfaction cases you can leverage to deliver some compelling news releases for your hotel business.

No. 1: Customer Experience

A lot of customers check in at your hotel around the year and check out with some experience. Hotels usually keep a track of their guests and record their feedback while they leave. This data could be very resourceful as hotel customer satisfaction survey to craft meaningful news pieces that work in your favor. For example, hotel press releases could enlighten your potential customers how many delighted guests stayed at your hotel and were impressed with your services.

No. 2: Customer Referrals & Recommendations

Many hotels inquire their guests about the reference and recommendations they may have used to choose their hotel. This is a great opportunity for the hotel to determine the impact of their satisfied guests who have already stayed at their hotel before. This hotel customer satisfaction survey not only enlightens the hoteliers about their customer service quality, but also offers them an opportunity to highlight the same in their hotel news every year.

No. 3: Repeat Customers

Repeat customers have always fascinated the hoteliers and made it to their guest testimonials on promotional brochures. The same could be very influential material for writing hotel press releases to make your commitment to customers go public. Repeat customers figure prominently in your hotel customer satisfaction survey and offer great fillip to your online PR campaigns.

No. 4: Competitive Advantage

More often than not, many hoteliers take an online customer satisfaction survey on their customers to determine the quality of their services. This is usually done by allowing the customers to compare their services with those of the competition. If the answers and feedback are mostly positive, the hoteliers could publish them in their hotel press releases to showcase the customer loyalty to their business. This is not only informative but also very influential to the potential customers.

No. 5: Brand Awareness




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