Working Your Way To A Better Life

Most people want a better life than the one they are living at the moment. The reality is, however, that most people don’t know exactly what they mean by the phrase “a better life” They have flashes of sitting on the beach of some tropical island sipping exotic drinks, but in all honesty, there surely must be more than that to the better life. That notion might be nice for a little while, but anything done day after day, week in, week out becomes tedious.

Alternatively they might have notions of living in a mansion. Again, nice idea, but whether it is a mansion or a one room bed sitter in a ghetto a house is a house is a house. The only difference is the degree of comfort it provides its occupants. Owning a mansion does not give you a better life, it only provides a place to live it. If you are old enough to remember the Beverley Hillbillies, a television comedy from the 1960s, that is a classic example of what I mean.

The basic story line was of a poor mountain man who discovered oil on his property. With the millions he made from the sale of the oil he moved, with his family to a mansion in Beverley Hills. Despite the fancy surrounds the family continued in the life style it had before Jed discovered the oil. The show was based on the clash of cultures and the comedy situations that arose from that. But other than the change in their housing, the family lived just as they had always done. There was very little by way of change or living a ‘better life’ as most people might describe it.

One common factor in most people’s notion of a better life is not having to work. Short of receiving a massive inheritance or winning the lottery, most people will never achieve that goal. However,. that is not to say they can never have a better life. Rather, it is a matter of finding the type of work that takes into account your personality, your character strengths, you training and your aptitude and your passion.

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