Weebly Website Creator Review – Weebly Pros & Cons

Weebly is a service which allows you to create free websites. Named one of Time Magazines 50 best websites of the year, Weebly offers a multitude of features and tools which enable you to create web pages on a near professional level. The Weebly interface is user friendly as It doesn’t take much to get going on designing your first site.

To get started, Weebly offers more than a dozen different templates to choose from. You can preview each template before choosing to proceed.

You can add content to your website by dragging and dropping new elements. Basic elements such as the following;

  • Content Elements Such As Text & Pictures
  • Two Column Layouts
  • Custom HTML
  • Google Adsense
  • Contact Capture Form

The text and picture elements are the building blocks of your website which can easily be re-arranged on or in between your pages. You can add or edit your text right through Weebly just as you would with any text editor. More info please visit:-https://xfantacyx.com http://housebeautifully.com/

You can upload your images from your computer and easily resize your photos by dragging out the corner of the image.

Weebly has the ability to drag and drop multimedia elements to your pages also. elements such as the following;

  • Photo Gallery
  • Audio & Video Players
  • Flash
  • Google Maps
  • Flickr Slideshow
  • Youtube Videos

However, not all multimedia elements are compatible with the free service. You would need to upgrade to Weebly pro for 6 Months, 1year or 2 years which would bring the price to $27.49, $47.88 or $71.80.

Weebly gives you 3 options for domain names. You can pick a sub-domain name. You can register a new domain name. Or if you already own a domain name, you can configure it to point to their name servers.

Weebly also provides the ability to add Blog Pages and E-commerce shopping carts.

Although Weebly is popular in the online world, it lacks in a certain but most important aspect. It fails to meet the needs of many people trying to build a business online. And that is capturing leads to build your list.

Weebly gives you the ability to edit your html code to populate an opt-in box on your page. However, the only problem is that most people don’t know how to write html code. And also don’t know how to connect their autoresponder to that code.

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