The Use of a Burnham Gas Boiler Provides Comfort to Any Home

By installing heating appliances with the Energy Star energy efficient stamp of approval, many homeowners can see significant savings. The amount of air pollution is also reduced through using these products. Simply by replacing the current heating system with a newer system such as a Burnham gas boiler, natural gas boilers homeowners can have a positive impact on the environment and reduces their carbon footprint. Heating appliances that receive the Energy Star seal of approval are rated based on how much useful energy is produce, compared to the amount of energy consumed. Only appliances which have an 85% or higher efficiency rating qualify for this approval.

There are a number of Burnham gas boilers which have the Energy Star rating. The Freedom Gas Fired condensing boiler is the ultimate efficiency heat source for any home. This boiler has a 95% AFUE rating, thermal oil boiler and provides lower heating bills. The Freedom boiler also has a cast aluminum mono block design and a concentric vent to prevent additional heat from escaping the flue gases.

Another Burnham gas boiler is the CHG Gas Fired condensing boiler that has an efficiency rating of 94%. One of the best features on this boiler is a cast aluminum heat exchanger that provides maximum efficiency. This unit adequately heats the home where it is installed, and can also heat domestic hot water systems. HP Envy x360 Price in America

The Revolution is a set of five different sizes of gas fired boilers that are designed for home usage. Each one has the Energy Star seal of approval. This Burnham gas boiler easily combines an indirect water heater and an EC5000 system manager in order to provide total home comfort. A variety of venting options are what makes the Revolution easy enough to adapt to practically any home plan. The Revolution II also has three different sizes and has many of the same features as the Revolution. These include proven gas train and controls; temperature ranges from 55 to 200 without condensation damage; built-in primary/secondary loop, easily connected to low temperature systems; Technology Essays Honeywell Smartvalve Hot Surface to Pilot Ignition; can be used with natural or LP gas; and, easy service and maintenance.

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