Personal Safety in Your Car – Learn to Protect Yourself From Attack

Personal Safety in Your Car – Learn to Protect Yourself From Attack

Parking Lots

You are most vulnerable when you are going to your car in a parking lot. Most people are not looking around, but rather fumbling for their keys and have bags in their hands. It is critical to have your keys out already before you approach your car so you can see if anything is fishy, car ninja and don’t be talking on your cell phone. A person talking on their cell phone is distracted, and therefore a prime target for a mugging or carjacking.

Approaching Your Car

Approach your car is such a way as to get a look all around it, to see if anyone is crouching nearby. If someone is standing nearby, maybe innocently fumbling with their keys, keep walking as if your car is somewhere else. Then, circle back and see if the person is still standing there. If so, don’t go to your car: go back inside. A favorite technique is for a van to be parking right next to you so as you are getting in your car, they can slide open the side door and grab you, easily pulling you in from behind. If there is a van, Latest foodie story get in the passenger side and scoot over. Think about parking a little farther from the door – the exercise will do you good and the odds that you will have cars right next to you are lower, making you less of a target.

When you do get up to your car, look in the rear windows to see if someone is hiding there, waiting for you to get in. Even if you think you locked your car, the bad guys can get in really easily. Once you’re in your car, don’t take time to straighten everything out and waste time. Get going right away. A person in a car in a parking lot is at risk, as you are much less able to run away or attract attention than if you were on the sidewalk.

If You Are Attacked

If someone jumps you, more info please visit these websites:- the last thing you think about is dropping your shopping bags, but it’s the first thing you should do. You need your hands free to punch, scratch and shove to defend yourself if you are grabbed, or be unencumbered to run away if you are threatened with abduction.

Above all, never get into a car just because someone points a gun at you. Once you are in the car, you are under their control and as good as dead. You probably won’t have a chance to run because they will have disabled the door handle so you can’t just jump out. If someone is evil enough to kidnap you, they can’t be trusted when they say “just come along and I won’t hurt you.” If you run, you have a very good chance that they won’t shoot, but rather just drive away before you can call the police.


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