The Saudi Arabian Gardens of Riyadh

In English, Riyadh means The Gardens, and it is the capital and largest city in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is a wonderfully developing city that sits on a large plateau. There is much to do and see in this majestic city. When you travel to Riyadh, you will experience the true culture and beauty that is known as Saudi Arabia.

One of the places to visit in Riyadh is the National Museum, which houses a wonderful representation of Saudi Arabia’s history from ancient to contemporary times. It is a beautifully structured building with wide open spaces. The National Museum of Riyadh has exhibits top packaging design companies like that of the Arabic Jahilya poems. Other exhibits allow you to use all your senses to explore the museum. You can even follow the footprints on the floor so you never get lost. The museum is so large that you should come back several times to really experience all that it has to offer.

Another must see in Riyadh is the Al Faisaliyah Center. One of the first things you will see is a glass globe that sits atop this stunning building. There are plenty of clothing shops throughout this mall with beautifully crafted traditions apparel. The Center is organized and well designed so that you can find everything you are looking for quickly. It also has an incredible tower lobby that tends to have activities going on. Nearby, you will find luxurious hotels with a plethora of restaurants that will suit everyone’s taste. Best of all is the spectacular sunset view of Riyadh.

The Masmak Citadel is one of the oldest parts of Riyadh. This majestic fort has been beautifully restored with authentic construction materials. The citadel is a lovely example of Nejd architecture and surrounding area offers incredible ruins of the old city. This is also a place with the locals come to you buy traditional goods. It tells the story of her life used to be in Riyadh and how life was changed into what it is now.

For a unique Saudi experience and incredible traditional food, stop by Al-Najdiyah Village. It has a wonderful ambiance. You can sit outside with carpets and cushions sampling lots of different dishes. Both the quality and quantity of the food is very impressive. The décor is very traditional. The service is very fast and courteous. If you love to try local foods, this Saudi restaurant in Riyadh, is a great place to experience a traditional atmosphere and savory food.

Riyadh is a phenomenal Saudi Arabian city offering so much history and culture. You will enjoy every last moment she spent here as you explore historical museums and traditional malls. You can also see the people of this culture in their own world, and you really feel like you were part of something new, something different, and something in ancient all it once.



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