Try a Grand Canyon Spring Break Airplane Tour From Las Vegas and Arizona

This year, make your Spring Break celebration one you’ll never forget. A trip to visit the Grand Canyon is an excellent idea. Airplane tours operate every day of the Spring Break season, puertomaldonadotours and you can catch one out of Vegas. This is an overview of the tours you can choose from.

Airplane Tours From Vegas To The Canyon

When you take an airplane tour out of Vegas, you also get to see Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam from the air since they are along the flight path to the Canyon. The airplane tours are available in two types, the landing tour and the less expensive air-only tour. Even though a landing tour costs more, it is definitely worth the price to get a chance to experience the Canyon on foot.

You can upgrade your airplane tour with different adventures, such as a helicopter descent to the Canyon floor. That particular tour is exciting, so it is very popular. A picnic awaits you at the bottom of the Canyon, and you can even add on a fun boat ride along the Colorado River if you want.

Visit The Skywalk

If you take a tour to the West Rim, you’ll want to visit the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a huge glass viewing platform that extends past the edge of the Canyon wall. You’ll be able to peer 4000 feet below you to the Canyon floor and see some amazing scenic views. You aren’t allowed to take a camera onto the bridge for safety reasons, but there is a photographer stationed there to snap a photo of you enjoying the amazing views. sport tape

South Rim Airplane Tours

You may want to take an airplane tour of the South Rim instead. The planes fly from Vegas to Tusayan in Arizona, which is right by the South Rim. The airplane tour of the rim covers the South Rim, North Rim, and eastern grounds of the Park. While you can’t land at the South Rim, you can add a ground tour onto your package if you want.

One of the ground tours you can take is a bus ride through the park that lasts about 2 1/2 hours and takes you by all the main sights. Another option is to book a Jeep tour that takes you off road touring in more remote areas of the park.

Why Airplane Tours Are Best

One advantage of taking an airplane tour is that it is less expensive than taking a helicopter tour. Another perk is that airplanes carry more people per tour, which is nice if you’re traveling with a group. A tour airplane carries 19 people per tour, and each person is given access to a recorded commentary of the tour, which is available in 10 languages. You can even request a special commentary ahead of time so it will be ready when you take your tour.

These sightseeing airplanes have large viewing windows with wings mounted above them, so your views are unobstructed.

Dress For The Weather Conditions

The weather at the West Rim is about the same as the weather you experience in Vegas. So if you’re dressed appropriately for the weather in Vegas, you should be fine at the West Rim. However, the South Rim is farther away and the weather is different from what you see in Vegas, Jeeter so you should dress in layers and wear a sweater or jacket if you plan to take a ground tour. Spring weather at the South Rim can still be fairly cold, so you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable if you take a Jeep tour through the park.

Wrapping Up

You want to book your airplane tour in advance, before it sells out. Spring Break is a busy time at the Canyon and tours fill up fast, so try to book yours about two weeks before you go. You can book even earlier to be safe, and the most convenient way to buy your tour is to do it online with your credit card so you lock in your seats and get the best price.



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