PUA Text Game

When you meet a girl and start the text game, you want to make sure to keep the text messages playful for the first few days. Cockiness and nagging often don’t translate well in texts at the beginning with girls. Sometimes you mean one thing and it comes out another way. Good PUA text game in the first couple of days leaves you with no room for mistakes. Text something that seems a little weird or off and a girl might dis you pretty fast.

The first days of texting a girl you just met should focus a lot on private jokes you created on an initial interaction. For example, สล็อตออนไลน์ I met a girl recently who had a fly-away hair that kept sticking straight up. I called her Alfalfa the whole night. So of course my first text said, “Hey Alflafa”. Of course I exaggerated how much the hair was sticking up to make the joke more effective.

You can use this one even if a girl doesn’t have a hair sticking up. This is actually a pretty good opener I created. I call it my “There’s Something About Alfalfa” opener. It’s better not to immediately open with this – start with another opener but then 3 or 4 minutes into the conversation, reach up as if you’re grabbing a piece of her hair and say, “You have a fly-away”, and act as if you put it back down in place for her. You can then tease her saying something like, “Lookin good Alflafa”. Then for the rest of the interaction you can refer to her as Alfafa.

Sometimes younger girls won’t know who Alfalfa is (in case you don’t know, he’s the kid from The Little Rascals who had a strand of hair sticking up), so if the girl looks really young you can say, “We’re you going for the Something About Mary Look tonight?”. The continue to refer to her as Mary for the rest of the night. Make sure when you text her, you call her by the name Mary, or Alfalfa. Text game should be fun, playful and build excitement.



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