Online university degrees offer numerous benefits from convenience to the amount of time it takes one to complete a college program. Although many online schools take the same amount of time as a traditional program, there are ways to accelerate the time it takes to get a diploma. Below are some helpful tips on fast ways to get an accredited online university degree.

Some online schools will offer accelerated programs. Inquire about any special services offered that may decrease the amount of time you will have to attend online classes. Some schools will offer Business or Education; two of the most popular majors, that only take 3 years for a Bachelors degree instead of the general four year period.

In addition, ask your counselor if you can double up on classes. Many online schools have a set curriculum and order of classes. However, at times, students can take more classes than recommended during each semester, quarter, or month. As long as all pre-requisites have been satisfied this should not be a problem. This can reduce time from 4 years to 3 years or less. However, some schools will set limits on the amount of classes that can be taken during a quarter or semester.

Furthermore, many online schools offer tests that students can take to eliminate general classes such as: English, Math, History, Foreign Language, and Science. Instead of spending times taking these courses, students can take a 100 question multiple choice test. One can normally take about 30 credits worth of tests, eliminating the need to take 10-15 general, non-major classes and decreasing one’s in school length by about a year. These tests can be taken while the student is in other classes. However, it is important to keep in mind that these exams do require study time and preparation.

Also, ask the school if they offer any other incentives or programs to accelerate your degree. Some schools will offer various types of coursework, work studies or other unique methods for speeding up a program.

By entering a special shorter program in combination with doubling up on courses and taking exams to replace some classes, one can reduce a 4 year program to 2 to 3 years. Furthermore, these tips can decrease a Masters Degree program from 1-2 years to 6-12 months, significantly reducing the length of one’s college career. When looking to obtain an accredited online university degree quickly, be sure to ask your counselor or advisor of all your options as well as the above tips.