The story line is the greatest, most powerful element in human life. The manifestation of all that is real, meaningful, and fortuitous is provided to us by the story line.

The story line is the vehicle in which our thoughts are carried in and what leads this train of thoughts is the primordial seed of life which is ever-moving forward. This line is fragmentary and is designed to be linked to another and again another, weaving for us a vast tapestry at completion.

There is no meaning in the story line itself for it is only the thread led by the needle to weave its great tapestry. The completed tapestry is what is presented for meaning and then subject to interpretation. However, to have any sense of meaning a story has to have a plot and the theme of the plot has to be carefully executed or it will lose its way and ruin the fabric of the tapestry. 포커사이트

In order for the story line to be successful it must put elements together that make sense as a whole and it does this by giving identity to each point on the tapestry, this point is called a character. An example of this would be the concept of evil and its place in the tapestry. Like a needle that leads the thread, the seed of the line has to go through points to weave and each of the points are characters in the scheme of things. In order for the characters to have meaning and make any sense they are assigned a trait, in this case the trait is that of being evil. The line then embellishes the characteristics of that which is evil to that point and moves on. Further down the path we encounter another character and the story line assigns another character trait to this one as well and so on down its path.