It can take years for people to be ready for your tips booklet and your expertise. Yes, years, no matter how often you reach out to them, how much you repeat the information, how many different ways you present it, and how logical your marketing methods seem. jeddahvape

Several examples of this very thing have happened in the past month. A long-time friend who started as a client many years ago shared a recent realization after reading this very ezine a few weeks ago that a tips booklet is a starting point rather than the finish line, that the booklet can become a whole range of products and can open many doors for related products and services, that brief tips are a more useful first product format than a whole 200-page book.

We were both dumbfounded by this realization, yet also understood the truth of it. The truth is that information is absorbed when the time is right, and not a moment sooner. Keep in mind that the friend in question has been a private tips booklet consulting client at various times, has attended tips booklets teleclasses and face-to-face workshops, has consistently read most issues of this ezine, has invested in numerous learning tools about the various phases of tips booklet creation and distribution, has had some casual conversations about all of this, and, to top it all off, is a very bright, intelligent person! sob-bau

Yes, this caught us both by surprise. And yet, it drove the point home. You can do everything “right” in your product and service development, communication, and marketing, and it still comes down to things happen at the moment they happen.

Two large tips booklets projects came in this month from two different places. One was the result of someone reading a brief tips booklets article reprinted among others in a publishing colleague’s ezine. That arrangement has been in place, again, for years, with minimal results referral-wise. The project that came in this month was based on a couple conversations after reading that article.

Another tips booklet project was a direct referral from a former client. The new client had known about booklets from the referring client for a long time and is an ideal candidate for using tips booklets to begin a product line and as a marketing tool.

One more tips booklet writing/consulting project is about to begin this next month. The decision maker has gotten enough information to feel comfortable moving ahead. The new fiscal year has started with new funds to support the project. And this one only took one year to materialize. odozapato

ACTION – Do what makes sense for your style and the people you want to attract, and keep doing it. There will always be people who are ready to take action immediately, others will start soon, and yet others will take longer to be ready. As long as you have enough of the first two groups for your business to thrive, you’ll still be around when the third group is finally ready. rtp500