After installing an aftermarket exhaust system for your vehicle, you need to give it a noble finish that will be the visible evidence of the excellence within. The exhaust parts that are visible by the outsiders are the tips. The better you make your exhaust tips look, the more your vehicle becomes the envy of other motorists. ternak303

There are various sizes and shapes of exhaust tips available in the market. The good thing is that you get to choose what you like. The shape of the tip determines what it will do with the sound, rolled tips tend to cloud the sound while tapered tips tend to direct it to a particular direction. Wide non-tapered tips on the other hand let out free flow of the gases.

Single walled tips

These are available in different sizes. Some are straight while others are tapering at the end.

There is the round single walled -angle cut tip. This tapers at the end so you can direct the exhaust to the direction you prefer. There is also the round-turn down tip that directs the exhaust down. tips303

The DTM exhaust tips come in round and square shapes. They are both slightly tapered at the end and the designs look really cool. Among the single walled tips are also the rectangle-angle cut, rolled oval-angle cut and the rolled round angle cut. These are straight and best fit at the back of the vehicle.

Double walled tips

The double walled tips consist of two tips put together to have a universal tips that are used in a dual pipes or tubing to control the exhaust air in one direction. These dual tips enable to exit smooth air that is produced by the engines and highly recommended for modern and custom design exhaust systems. ternakslot100

These dual walled tips include the round rolled DTM, rolled oval-angle cut, rolled oval-straight, rolled square-straight and the rectangle rolled oblong DTM. Among these is a round-angle cut that is wider designed to amplify the sound from the system.

Trucks and SUVs larger tips

For the trucks and SUVs, larger tips are recommended. These stainless steel tips are offered in different diameter and length. The tips are also made super tough due to the nature of the vehicle which use more energy than the small cars. Some of the tips available for the trucks and SUVs are 15 degrees rolled edge, 30 degree slash cut double wall, resonated tips. The resonator cancels out some of the noise and deepens it and less edgy. kotodama

You will get all these tips from a magnaflow supplier and you get to choose what kind to install in your vehicle. Choose the tips that best suits your car and your personality as well.