I’m not sure why when we see the movies about people who go back in time they don’t make a couple of stock trades or Forex trades and put it in some fund where it will be worth billions when they get back to the future. But this crystal ball mentality has been what drives markets since the beginning of time. If we could only know! And one thing is almost as good as a crystal ball.

What is so cool about Forex, and you know this if you trade in it, is that with a huge market of over $3 trillion, traders can respond to news and variations in other markets at any time. This is because Forex is traded everywhere in the world. So the market is always open. And there are some things in the Forex world that happen like clockwork. Traders love this and can profit greatly. One of the finest tools on the market uses this clockwork effect, but is it something you can use now?

You know I’m talking about the Forex Factory Calendar, a tool that provides analysis for making major Forex strategies. Forex moves in trends, even more so than any other market. Currency rates follow what is happening either locally or globally and is not tied to a company doing well or poorly so the Forex Factory Calendar is great at optimizing the information of these movements or trends in the marketplace. An example of how it works is fascinating, too. Online chess calendar

The Forex Factory Calendar is a spectacular tool that synthesizes all the fundamentals from the market and provides a base view on market opinion. Analysts work into the Forex Factory Calendar a formula to make quick decisions when trades become volatile and a trader can get out quickly or get in as needed. In fact, Forex program review  sites state that the Forex Factory Calendar is a must have. How does this program work so well?

Forex Factory Calendar employs a team of consultants, analysts and even experience Forex traders that go over every detail before the calendar is produced. It is a good buy because you are actually purchasing the years of knowledge of this proven Forex team – and who wouldn’t want that? In addition to the Forex Factory Calendar, there are other tools designed to assist the trader in their daily operation.

For example, a handful of what are called robotic tools are available to help Forex traders capture market moves that are sometimes impossible to see because of the overwhelming nature of information presented online. These programs efficiently seek patterns and run thousands of situations through formulas much like an electronic chess program does. Some traders have reported good earnings with this and a few are worth taking a look at.