If you’re a business owner or marketing manager of a Pittsburgh, PA firm looking to expand or even take your first steps in Internet marketing, finding a professional, aboveboard, willing-to-roll-up-its-sleeves-and-get-its-hands-dirty SEO company can be difficult.

But it’s not impossible.

Plenty of online advertising charlatans are setting bait, just waiting for you to mosey by for a nibble. And before you know it, they’ve reeled you in with promises of fabulous ROI; dozens or hundreds of new, paying customers; and your name first on the lips of your target market 24/7.

Yet, be advised: you could just as easily be out thousands of Internet marketing dollars, with little if any hits – let alone paying customers – to show for it.

Beware the Pittsburgh SEO Company that Guarantees Google in Your Pocket

If an online advertising company says it lives and breathes studying and knowing minutely Google’s or Yahoo’s or any search engine’s algorithms that will guarantee you – absolutely no ifs, ands, or buts about it – top placement in a search engine’s rankings, back away slowly and when you get to the corner, turn around and hightail it away. Feet don’t fail you now.

Search engines are notorious for changing their ranking formulas constantly. The “It Girl” of optimization techniques one month is a has been the next. Be very careful of ranking promises. pittsburgh seo company

Instead of Guarantees, Look for Specialization

Do you sell sump pumps? Or are you a Pittsburgh importer of wool blankets from Patagonia? Perhaps you’re a small technical school that trains pharmacy techs and medical assistants. If so, would you want an SEO company whose client list is made up mostly of Jersey shore casinos? Ask questions: What knowledge does the SEO company have of your industry? Has it worked with businesses or services like yours?

Demand Specific SEO Answers

As you ask these questions, note the replies. Not just the “Yes, we have 20 sump pump companies throughout the country on our client list.” But also keep in mind how open and detailed those answers are. As you ask them the “how” of what they’ll do for you, do you get a feeling that they’re keeping something from you? Do they hem? Do they haw? Do they tell you, in essence, not to worry your pretty head about the details, that’s what you’re hiring them for. Instead, grill them about those very details. What
exactly are they going to do for you? How will they do it? Ask them to give you their SEO marketing plan for your company in detail.

Take the Time to find a Professional Internet Marketing Company

You have only so much money to spend on your online advertising. Spend the effort to speak with several Pittsburgh SEO companies about their services. Remember that cheapest usually isn’t the best – look instead for the company that has a track record of success achieved by professional internet marketing practices. Search for a company that’s not afraid to get down and dirty – who lives and breathes for your SEO success.