Rapid Sales Formula is the creation of savvy internet marketer Michael Anthony. Launched on December 20th 2010, it is a course designed to teach beginner internet marketers how to build an effective mailing list. The cost of the program is $77 and there is one upsell which is the “Autoresponder Madness 2.0” program. This usually sells for $197 but may be cheaper as an upsell. Anthony says that by purchasing this upsell program, it will complement, not devalue from R.S.F.

When you click on to the sales page, you get the normal data capture information, in the form of a pop up for a video to watch, which will tell you how it is possible to make $10,000 per month from ClickBank by selling affiliate products. Once past this, herbalincenseheadshop the Rapid Sales Formula sales page itself seems fairly convincing. In fact, Michael Anthony says that if you follow what he has to offer, he will “guarantee” that you can make at least $2845.05 within the first 30 days.

Now normally I would shy away from words like “guarantee” but reading on, he has the knack of making it seem almost personable. There is also the normal discount offer if you try to exit from the page, so in effect the course can cost you as little as $57. So what do you get for your money?

When you part with your hard earned cash you will get a series of videos explaining exactly what to do in a step by step format. You also get a series of sales letter, email and squeeze page templates. It also claims to be “newbie” friendly and Michael states that it is a “do this, do that”guide to making money online.

In essence, wiseloaded this would probably be the kind of program that anyone new to I.M would purchase. If however you have been in and around internet marketing for a while, then there is probably nothing here that you don’t already know.

Rapid Sales Formula is probably one of the better programs for internet marketing newbies that is on the market, and consequently if you are going to buy a program, then this one would be a good starting point. However, whether you can make the kind of money that Anthony claims remains to be seen as it is still early days.