Bullying of others has existed for thousands of years. But, in recent times it has become more of a widespread phenomenon or even a crime. With the growing popularity of internet social media websites, career opportunities bullying has become more of a crime which can lead to horrible consequences for those who are the targets. The internet has spawned a new generation of people who are not afraid to make hateful statements against others. Such bullying may have led to the suicide of Phoebe Prince who lived in the little town of South Hadley, Massachusetts. QBF scheme

At this point, several teens or school mates of Phoebe have had charges placed against them in relation to the bullying that may have led to her death. Many questions come to mind. Will the family of the victim have the right to seek justice against the bullies? q.broker Will the family have the right to file wrongful death claims against them? Who should be held responsible for this death or can anyone be held responsible? There are so many questions that remain unanswered to this horrendous nightmare. Only time will tell the answers to these questions.

For now things must be improved to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again. The charges that were filed against the teens were a good approach to stop bullying as a whole. fivem host This has made a statement that bullying of others will not be tolerated. Bullying tromps on the legal rights of people and must be stopped. Every action has an equal but opposite reaction. Anything we do and say may have a dramatic consequence on the lives of others. Will people who bully now have to face the legal consequences of their personal defamations of others?