Everything you need to know about Akbash Maremma in detail!

Akbash Maremma has earned a reputation for bravery, tranquilly, and harmony. These large, friendly dogs make fantastic guard pets and dedicated family companions. The original purpose of these massive white dogs was to protect sheep from wolves and other predators, and this practise continues to this day. Until the 1960s, the Akbash Dog was only found in the western half of Turkey; its expansion to the rest of the nation remains a mystery. While working as diplomats for a number of years, David and Judy Nelson fell in love with Akbash Dogs, and in 1978 they were the first Americans to bring one into the country. Let’s discuss more about Akbash Maremma.

Facts about Akbash Maremma:

Despite the fact that the Akbash Dog is a breed of dog that is recognized for its extreme leanness, it exudes the air of a regal guard dog because of its imposing presence. Breeders put forth a substantial amount of time and effort to guarantee that the puppies they create have the most desired characteristics of both the mastiff and the gazehound. In doing so, they ensure that their progeny display the most desirable characteristics of the both breeds.

The hue and the fur:

Both short- and long-coated Akbash Dogs exist. Since it is totally flat, the medium coat has a sleek and shiny appearance. Long-haired dogs are distinguished by their wavy coats, distinctive ruffs, and copious amounts of feathering on their legs and tails. They share a robust double coat consisting of a rich undercoat and longer, coarser guard hairs. Coat thickness may be affected by environmental factors in a number of ways. Akbash Dogs often have white coats.

Physical Traits That Set You Apart:

There are a few telltale signs that you’re looking at an Akbash Dog: the distinctive wedge-shaped head with drooping ears, the deep chest, the long legs, and the long tail that curls over the back in excitement. Even though they may have a more feminine appearance, men are typically taller and heavier than women.

An Akbash dog’s temperament:

Akbash Dogs are sturdy, courageous, and loyal, traits that stem from their history as guard dogs. They can outpace their adversaries and act independently when faced with potential threats, protecting themselves and their tribe. Akbash dogs are noted for being peaceful and faithful companions, despite their large size. In addition to being great pets, they are also great with kids. However, they tend to be apprehensive of strangers and other dogs, and may even get hostile against a strange dogthat unexpectedly enter their territory.


As a result of eating food that is both high in quality and suited to their present evolutionary stage, the Akbash have been able to prosper. Large-breed puppy food is formulated for optimal growth and development in these breeds. This means they are less prone to have aberrant hip development later in life as a consequence of their high rate of growing. Bloat is more common in these dogs since their chests are so deep.


Once a week, brush their double coats to eliminate any stray hair and make sure they’re always comfy. Moreover, daily brushing is most effective in the spring and early summer, when they are shedding their coats. The teeth of adult dogs nearly usually get infected with illness. Unless it is fixed, it might lead to much worse issues in the road. That’s why it’s important to include both at-home tooth brushing and professional cleanings into your puppy’s grooming routine.


This is because the Akbash Dog is not a very energetic breed. However, regular exercise is still essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Slow-paced strolls and games in the garden are also great ways to get them active. Dogs of this breed should only be allowed to run free in fenced yards. As an added precaution, you shouldn’t eat within two hours before or after high-intensity activity.


The ferocious autonomy of the Akbash Dog breed makes it well suited to the role of guard dog. This quality, though, may make it challenging to train children effectively. When teaching a dog, it is important to set the tone early on and remain consistent in your role as pack leader. Because fully grown Akbash may reach over 100 pounds, it’s crucial to address any behavioural issues when the dogs are still puppies.


The Akbash Maremma, a rare and exotic purebred dog, was developed in Turkey. These young canines possess several desirable traits, including loyalty, attentiveness, and intelligence. Askbash Dog is only one of several names for these canines. According to legend, the Akbash Dog first appeared in the plains and mountains of western Turkey. Although the breed has existed for quite some time, its exact origins remain a mystery.


What is Akbash Maremma?

The Akbash is a Turkish working dog breed that has been around for quite some time. They may be anywhere from huge to monstrous in size, and their short to medium-length hair was originally bred for the purpose of defending livestock.

How would you characterize Akbash’s coating?

The Akbash are covered with hair from head to toe.

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