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Allison Gollust age is 49 years. Allison Gollust is a well-known journalist, reporter, CNN Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, media face, and Internet star who was born and raised in New York.  She was born on October 2, and she is now 50 years old. She has prior experience working in the field of media. Allison’s birthday is October 2nd, and she was born in 2022, she will be 50 years old at this time. Allison’s height is roughly 167 cm, which converts to about 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is approximately 54 kilogram’s. Gollust discusses her previous employment in Dever at CNN, where she works as a news anchor for CNN. In this article we will discuss more about Allison Gollust age.

Biography of Allison Gollust:

Her birth date is October 2nd, 1972, and she was born in New York, which is located in the United States. She is of a diverse range of ethnicities, despite her American citizenship. Allison was born on the 23rd of September, which places her under the sign of Libra. The idea of Allison Gollust making an appearance on television dates back to the beginning of her career. In addition to that, she had several opportunities to perform in front of an audience via extracurricular activities such as the theatre.

Education and Training:

Her primary and elementary education was both received at a prestigious private institution. She graduated with honours from the high school she attended. In addition, she has a bachelor’s degree from a famous institution from which she graduated. However, we have been unable to uncover the identities of the educational institutions where she studied. In October 2012, Andrew Cuomo named Gollust communications director, March 2013, positions marketing executive vice president CNN Worldwide until February 2022. Her tenure will end then.

Career Path of Allison Gollust:

In the course of his professional life, Gollust had positions as a producer, reporter, and anchor in Denver, Colorado. Her professional life started in 1997 when she was hired on the Today programme as a senior publicist. Gollust had positions at NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, and The Weather Channel during the course of her professional career. She was promoted to the position of chief spokesperson in the corporate communications department of the corporation.

Allison Gollust Allison Gollust’s Husband:

According to the authoritative sources, she tied the knot with Billy Hult, who is also known as William Hult. There has been no announcement made about the time or location of their wedding as of yet. There is also no information on the first time that the two of them came into contact with one another. According to the sources, the divorce between them was formalised in 2017. William Hult is now serving as the president of Tradeweb Markets and also works for the firm as an executive

Children’s Books by Allison Gollust:

Being a mother to both of her girls brings Allison a lot of happiness. They are the parents of two girls together, she and her ex-husband. Olivia and Ava Hult are the names she chose for her two daughters. On Billy Hult’s Twitter profile, you can see images of him with his kids and other family members.

Allison Gollust’s Net Worth:

Her decision to leave the firm was precipitated by her infraction of its rules. Before any action was taken against her, she had already made the choice to retire from her position. As a result, the internal affairs of the corporation are managed in a frenetic fashion for a specific cause. Between one and two million dollars might be estimated as Allison’s net worth (approximately).


Allison Gollust, a successful media executive who was born in the United States, is a native of the United States. Before the month of February 2022, she will be working for CNN Worldwide. During the period when Gollust and Andrew Cuomo worked together, Gollust held the position of director of communications for Andrew Cuomo from October 2012 to March 2013. Gollust was working in Denver, Colorado, where he had jobs as an anchor, a reporter, and a producer on the local news station.


Why is Allison Gollust such a well-known name?

CNN Worldwide prior to the month of February 2022. Gollust served as Andrew Cuomo’s director of communications from October 2012 through March 2013 during their time working together.

What is Allison Gollust age?

Allison Gollust age is 49 years.

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