Amanda Balionis measurements and Everything you need to know!

Amanda Balionis measurements are 37-25-36, and at 5 feet 5 inches (1.68 metres) tall and 125 pounds, she is taller than average for her weight. That was a job for Amanda Balionis, who did a fantastic job. She has long golden hair that is often seen bunched up or curled into soft waves. In terms of eye colour, she has browns. Amanda’s go-to hairstyle consists of a bun. With a height of 1.68 metres and a weight of about 125 pounds, Amanda is a very petite woman (57kgs). She places a high premium on both her purses and her aviator sunglasses. In this article we will discuss more about Amanda Balionis measurements in detail.

Amanda Balionis’s Parents:

In the year 2016, there was a collision with a car that included the families of the reporters. Because of the horrible wounds that his father received, his father’s health was never able to completely recover, and he passed away in September. She claimed that in her capacity as an affiliate sales representative for a number of companies, including Fab Fit Fun and Wanderer, she made use of the facial cleansers that were manufactured by those businesses.

Pet animals:

In addition, her mother is the one who is in charge of taking care of the family’s many animals. Even though Amanda enjoys a good cup of coffee, her drink of choice when it comes to alcoholic beverages is a nice glass of red wine rather than any of the other options. She has been a dedicated yoga student for a number of years, and she is now able to proudly say that she has finished the necessary 200 hours of training to become a yoga teacher.

Story of education levels:

Amanda continued her education after graduating from Manheim Township High School in 2004. She enrolled at Hofstra University. She received honours Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism from Hofstra University in 2008. It’s also important to stress that Amanda has had a keen interest in athletic competitions ever since she was a little child. She participated in many sports throughout her time as a high school student, including volleyball, football, and basketball.

How much money she make?

Whenever 2019 rolls around, Amanda’s net worth is predicted to reach close to a million dollars. She earns up to $148,000 a year in salary and other benefits as a reporter and anchor for CBS. In addition, Amanda earns money from the advertisements that appear on her Instagram page. Alongside that, she covered many golf tournaments as a journalist for The Match.


Prior to her job with CBS, Amanda covered golf tournaments and championships for the Callaway Golf Company as a reporter. She oversaw the development of the outlet’s digital content and is still active on team in 2019. Across several platforms, Amanda often said that she and her partner were busy with a variety of pursuits. In 2014, she and her boyfriend took a trip to Universal Studios, but she never mentioned him by name in any of her social media posts. She visited Disney World that same year, too.

Activities and hobbies:

Among the numerous creatures she adores, dogs are Amanda’s favourites. She has a Cockapoo and a Pug as pets, and she often posts pictures of them together on Instagram. The total cost of all of her canine companions is believed to be roughly $2,000. On one of the fingers in the photo she posted on social media, it seemed to be an engagement ring. It seemed like she was giving hints about her nuptials in this photo.

Interview after match:

Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson argued over the following issues, the picture of Amanda and Dustin Johnson conducting an interview after one of their matches in August of 2018 quickly went viral. Video of Amanda asking Dustin some basic questions about the game he had just completed playing was shown at the start of the presentation, as was Dustin’s thoughts on Amanda checking her phone as she waited.


Amanda Balionis measurements are very fantastic. In terms of her sense of style, she often comes back from tournaments dressed in outfits that may be categorized as either casual or athletic in character. She also emphasized her enthusiasm about supporting other enterprises that were created by women, such as the online shop, which she mentioned in her previous statement. She has never been anything other than a devoted yoga student throughout her whole life, which she has spent doing yoga. This is the only job that she has ever had.


Exactly who is Amanda Balionis, and what does she do?

The talented young woman is a sports writer in her home nation of the United States. Not only does she serve as a reporter for CBS Sports, but she covers the NFL, college football, and golf among other sports.

What are Amanda Balionis measurements?

Amanda Balionis measurements are 37-25-36.

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