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Anthony Strangis Wikipedia is as ‘Bad Vegan: Fame Fraud, Fugitives,’ a four-part Netflix documentary, details the strange events that unfolded when chef Sarma Melngailis met with Anthony Strangis in 2011. The businessman behind the trendy restaurant and its offshoots, Anthony, has been accused of bilking investors out of millions. You’ve come to the correct site if you want to know more about what happened before and after the arrest. Will did not exist, and rumours have it that Anthony hacked into all of Sarma’s accounts. A history is of unstable living before to meeting Sarma was gradually revealed to authorities. Let’s discuss more about Anthony Strangis Wikipedia.

Anthony Strangis Wikipedia:

During their short marriage, he informed her he’d received a $5 million inheritance from an aunt. Stacy told Anthony he could have her jewellery if he pawned them too, and he did just that before they left. In 2011, Sarma became acquainted with a guy named Shane Fox. They connected via the social networking Twitter. Actor and friend of Sarma’s Alec Baldwin were among people he had been tweeting with. After eventually meeting in person in November 2011, the two hit it off right away and began dating.

Anthony guarantees:

They say Anthony promised to help them pay back their investors and clear their debts, but he never came through with the money. It took the pair a little over a year from the time they first met until they finally tied the knot, but they did it anyhow. The situation, however, began to shift over time. Anthony said he had a brother or sister who was an expert spy and watched their every action. All of these claims have been denied by his attorney.

Making a Reputation:

To add, Anthony had often borrowed money from Sarma. He also made the fantastic claim that he had been subjected to similar “cosmic” testing a few years previously. Sarma stated this of the encounter: “He guaranteed me I’d be empowered in ways I couldn’t understand. If I had an unlimited budget, I could take my company worldwide, create the documentary that motivates people to change their ways, and eventually put an end to factory farming. My dreams of changing the world were now within my grasp.

Massachusetts probation sentences:

His attorney said that his client wanted to serve out his probation in Massachusetts. However, Anthony seems to have maintained a low profile and shunned the limelight ever since. Based on what we know, he is probably still in Massachusetts at this time. After the fact, investigators learned that most of Anthony’s $1.6 million casino loss was caused by Sarma transferring funds from the company account to her personal account. His name was Shane, but while Sarma was away, he managed the show at her restaurant.

Does Anyone Know What Happened to Anthony Strangis?

Anthony was raised in Brockton, Massachusetts after his parents split when he was young. Anthony has an arrest record in Florida and was convicted for impersonating a police officer, and he is also said to have abandoned his first wife, Stacy Avery, and their eight-month-old child. Sarma’s computer was hacked, he said; to protect herself, she must get in touch with his cyber expert friend Will Richards and provide him all of her credentials.

Is There Any News About Anthony Strangis?

In the end, Sarma and Anthony were arrested in May of 2016 in a hotel in Sevierville, Tennessee. Anthony’s order of pizza led law enforcement directly to him since he had used his real name. The defence in Sarma’s case later claimed that Anthony “resorted to cult-like practises, including gaslighting, sleep deprivation, and sexual humiliation to control her.” If I had this ability, not only could I help whomever I wanted to, but I wouldn’t have to worry about getting old.


According to conclusion of Anthony Strangis Wikipedia, Anthony admitted to committing grand theft in fourth degree on four separate occasions. His punishments included time that he had previously spent in prison as well as five years of probation. If Anthony violates the terms of his probation, he faces a possible prison sentence of between 5 and 15 years. According to the comments made by his attorney, “He’s satisfied, particularly now that it’s come to light that she had equal and guilty involvement in this.


Is it feasible that Anthony Strangis was a part of the Navy’s elite Special Forces?

Coulter claims that when Strangis was a young adult, he followed his father to Florida. Anthony reportedly made grandiose claims to his first wife Stacy Strangis, including that he had been in the Navy SEALs and would soon be inheriting a wealth.

What precisely does Anthony Strangis do?

As Bustle puts it, Strangis is a “career criminal” who operates under a number of aliases. What Stacey Avery, Strangis’ ex-wife, said when she found out she was expecting a child with Strangis.

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