Everything you need to know about bait dogs!

Bait dogs may be familiar to dog lovers and those who work in animal care and rescue. Is it true that dogs are sometimes used as bait, and what does this entail, or is this an urban legend? Discover the history of bait dogs, the myths and the truths around them, and everything in between. To preface this article, let it be known that we do not condone dog fighting in any way and that the usage of bait dogs is illegal. Simply illuminating the grim reality of dog fighting and the language used in illegal underground dog fighting is our goal here. In this article we will discuss more about bait dogs.

What Dog Breeds Work Best as Bait Dogs?

Several canine varieties would work well as bait. Medium- to large-sized breeds that tend to be more obedient and avoid fighting could fall into this category. Aggressive canine breeds like pit bulls and doberman pinschers may be the ones made powerless. It is common practise for trainers to tether or tape the animals to a pole to limit their freedom of movement. Breeds without a “killing impulse” are used as bait dogs. Some people use cats as bait when there aren’t enough dogs.

How do Trainers get Bait Dogs?

Dog trainers can get their hands on bait dogs in a number of ways. They might visit a shelter in order to adopt pets and seem as though they are caring pet parents. They are available to anyone who responds to an ad made on Craigslist for them. Some dog trainers, it is speculated, may abduct canines by going door-to-door at night in search of strays. However, I have not been able to discover any evidence to back up this claim.

What happens to bait dogs is a worry?

A bait dog suffers repeated, increasingly violent attacks. Furthermore, trainers will intentionally deprive the animals and confine them in confined areas for the length of each day. These pets suffer the same kinds of emotional and physical torment as abuse victims experience. Sadly, not all of them survive their wounds. When an animal no longer serves a trainer’s purposes, the animal may be culled or released back into the wild. Some dogs wind up at an animal rescue centre. There is still a lengthy road to recovery, even if such were the case.

Existence of Bait Dogs:

Many people wonder if the use of bait dogs in underground dogfighting is real or an elaborate fabrication. The notion, according to these people, could have originated from a single incident. Afterward, it became a hot topic of discussion on Reddit and other discussion boards online. While most people don’t remark on the matter of rescuing or treating bait dogs, some people who engage in animal rescue do. However, it’s important to remember that the term is often used to describe any abused dog.

Is it Effective to Use Bait Dogs to Train Fighting Dogs?

There is a school of thought that contends that using combat dogs with bait dogs will make the combat dogs more aggressive. The vast majority of authorities agree that employing dogs as bait is ineffective. Sparring with other people of equal or greater talent is the best way to improve one’s skills as a human fighter. It’s been said that “iron sharpens iron,” which is a classic proverb.

Should You Worry About Using a Bait Dog?

Some well-intentioned pet owners may desire to give exploited bait dogs a second chance at life. On the other hand, some researchers and experts believe that bait dogs that have been mistreated for a long time may develop hostility against humans. There are situations in which this could be true. A dog that has been mistreated might not have any issue bonding with his or her new human family, but it might have trouble getting along with the other pets.


Both for teaching purposes and to determine the severity of an aggressive behaviour in another dog, bait dogs are used. In order to use them as bait, their ears are frequently clipped and duct tape is applied to their lips. Dog fighters often utilise live or seriously injured “bait” dogs to get other dogs into a fight, although these dogs usually end up dead or severely injured themselves. There is a legal obligation to notify the proper authorities if you suspect that someone is running a dog fighting ring.


When it comes to baiting, what breeds of dogs do people usually use?

Small dogs and puppies like Jax are commonly used as bait dogs by dog fighting rings. The use of “bait animals” allows trainers to assess a dog’s level of aggression during training. Some larger dogs are also used as bait, but their mouths are often duct taped shut to prevent them from biting and injuring the dog being used as bait.

Are bait dogs ever used in dog fights?

Dogs of mixed breeds or of unknown origins have been reported to be used by those who train people to engage in dogfighting on occasion. However, this in no way indicates that the pit bull is unsuitable for a home environment.

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