All information you need to know about blue toy poodles!

Blue toy poodles are a breed that stands out not just for its distinctive coat but also for its lively, affectionate, and lovable personality.  A blue toy poodles’s name comes from the bluish-gray colour that covers its entire body, undercoat, and even some of its head fur. On this page, we will explore the appearance of blue, its genetics, and how to distinguish blue from other colors that may appear to be very similar to blue. The color known as canine blue is a one-of-a-kind shade that cannot be compared to the blue of the sky or the color of paint. A Blue Poodle’s coat is dark blue-black with a grey tint. In this article we will discuss more about blue toy poodles.

What are blue toy poodles?

Many people are shocked to teach that true blue Poodles do not exist. These energetic companion pets and working dogs are born black but gradually lose their blue fur as they age. A fully matured blue Poodle will look more grey than black. How to tell if a Poodle is a toy or standard, and where that lovely blue coat comes from genetically, are just some of the topics we’ll be covering today.

Facts about blue toy poodles:

Some breeders may try to make more money off of blue Poodle puppies by classifying them as “unique” and selling them for a higher price. However, because the gene responsible for this colouring is the dominant one, blue Poodles is not the rarest Poodle colour? Recessive colours, like apricot and cream, are extremely rare since a puppy needs to inherit a copy of the necessary gene from both of its parents. Another factor that might influence the level of favorability a dog’s coat colour receives.

Is it possible to find a Poodle with blue eyes?

Dark eyes are a distinguishing feature of poodles. Extremely rare, blue eyes might point to a genetic abnormality, health issue, or both. Poodles and merle dogs can produce puppies with blue eyes, however the offspring are not considered purebred. As a result, they could exhibit a wide variety of traits that are difficult to anticipate. The eyes of most Poodles are a deep brown that can occasionally appear practically black. In fact, the breed standard calls for the dog to have extremely black eyes.

The Essential Guide to Blue Poodle Grooming:

Blue Poodles, like Poodles of any colour, need a nutritious, well-balanced diet. They will be happiest if they are regularly exposed to challenging and rewarding mental and physical activities. Grooming a Poodle, no matter what colour, is not an easy task. Most poodles have fur that is highly curly or corded. You won’t have to worry as much about hair and dander from your dog’s coat falling onto your carpets and furniture as you could with another breed.

Dogs with Blue Coats:

Rarely does one encounter breeders whose entire attention is on blue Poodles. Blue pups are usually created by accident. Telling the breeder what you want may help you locate it. You’ll get first dibs on a blue Poodle puppy if they keep an eye out for the telltale signs of pregnancy and let you know when one is born. When choosing a breeder, prioritize the animal’s health and temperament above its fur color.


The toy poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds because of its friendly demeanour and small size. They are a breed that is incredibly perceptive and confident, and they will return your love tenfold. Despite their rise to prominence as royal canine companions, they are neither a fragile nor a weak breed, but rather a highly agile one. To be lighter than a blue, “silvers” need to carry one gene, while blues need two. This equates “Silvers” to being less dense than “Blues.”


In what way does a poodle’s blue coat convey meaning?

Despite the name, a “blue” Poodle is actually the result of a greying gene being expressed in an otherwise black Poodle; therefore it is not actually blue. This occurs when a dog’s genome contains two copies of the silvering gene, one of which is dominant and the other recessive.

How does a poodle get its distinctive coat colour?

Real blue Poodles have black tips and dark brown eyes.

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