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Bre tiesi parents are Debra Tiesi and John David Gregory. According to data acquired in the year 2022, Bre Tiesi was born to her parents on May 4th, 1991. The fashion industry might be extremely fortunate to have her. According to this method, she would be 31 years old right now. She has earned the title of “supermodel” due to her extensive success in the modeling profession and her dedication to her health. She has gained some weight, but her total body mass is still just around 55 kg. In this article we will discuss more about bre tiesi parents.

Biography of bre tiesi:

The very gifted beauty was born to her parents on May 4th, 1991. Since then, she has always been involved. Most people just call her “Bre Tiesi,” while her given name is Breana Falon Tiesi. Growing up in the United States, notably the state of California, was formative for her. She grew up in a rich family, and they expected her to put her training and education to use in the fashion industry. She used to exercise regularly to keep her body in tip-top shape.

Bre Tiesi’s education:

According to the events that unfold below, Bre successfully finished her elementary education at a local school. She finished high school in Agoura and received her graduation from that institution. After completing her education, she decided that a career in modeling was what she wanted to do next. The model’s height, like the rest of her outward look, must remain constant to maintain a high profile. According to the findings of our questioning, she is 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

Bre Tiesi’s Experiences:

The name Bre Tiesi has become well recognized as a byword for importance in the world of fashion. Even more than her stunning good features, her skills as a model are perhaps what have brought her the greatest fame. After completing her studies in 2013, she immediately joined the employment in the fashion industry. To kick off her professional life, she landed an entry-level position at a local production company. This has resulted in an estimated 6 million dollar net worth for her.

Bre Tiesi on Social Media:

Everything else Bre Tiesi is not just popular figure on social media, but she also has over 1,680 followers on her own YouTube channel. She used to upload training videos and other health and fitness-related material to her channel on YouTube. She’s also famous for her TikTok, Facebook, Onlyfans, and other online aliases. She just relocated to a Los Angeles home that is stunning in every way. She’s also successful model, which brings in a nice sum of money in addition to her acting earnings.

Bre Tiesi’s physical attributes:

The model Bre Tiesi is well-known for her meticulous attention to detail in caring for her health and maintaining her regular routines. Further, she takes great care to maintain the beauty of her eyes and hair. She prefers to wear her long black hair down, and her emerald-green eyes follow the action around her with a keen interest. She devotes a significant portion of her week to exercise in order to maintain her physique looking as toned and attractive as it does.


Bre tiesi parents are very popular. Although Bre Tiesi is most known for her modeling career, she also has extensive experience in the real estate industry in her own country. It’s plain to see that she approaches each of her careers with the same self-assurance and competence. I hope that God rewards her with success and happiness beyond what she deserves. There are significant gaps in what we know about her childhood and teenage years. Luxurious automobiles of different kinds and types are among her collection’s highlights.


What are some of Bre Tiesi’s most famous features?

Bre Tiesi has been able to build out a successful career as a model thanks to her participation in a number of high-quality photoshoots. This is the primary reason why she has been so successful.

Who are bre tiesi parents?

Bre tiesi parents are Debra Tiesi and John David Gregory. Bre Tiesi has started working with several established fashion houses and labels. The slick moves were choreographed by Alexi McCammond.

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