Carefully selected

The Roam family runs the shopwheninroam with ambitious ideas and a focus on customer service. Sugar Taylor, a veteran multi-media designer located in Washington, DC, founded the company with the intention of selling some of her unique creations, such as the Onyx shopwheninroam and art prints.The most eye-catching limited-edition items we could find were too tempting to leave out. We are currently refurbishing a 14-foot box truck and hope to show up in a city near you soon.The idea of launching a mobile boutique that is not limited to a single place or set of goods appealed to us for a number of reasons: our confidence in our impeccable taste, our appreciation for diversity, and our ability to channel our inner nomad (yeah, and because shopwheninroam). What you see is what you get with us; our vibe is very much “here today, gone tomorrow.” We’re huge fans of locally owned enterprises with interesting backstories, products made by minorities, and bright, eye-catching packaging.These spectacular earrings, which were carefully made by hand, exude elegance and individuality. Beautiful handmade clay is completed with silk thread and carefully chosen feathers.Made by a Native American woman artisan in the United States, each pair exudes a refined sense of style. Experience the delight of wearing striking earrings that are as unique as you are yet also lightweight and simple to wear.

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