Get to know the woman behind Karren-Lee Addictionology

How can I tell if the condition known as addiction is starting to take hold of me, or if it’s just my imagination, and I’m creating way too much of a deal out of it? It’s possible that I had a troubled childhood or a home situation that was dysfunctional. I believe that I could become dependent on anything. Is it simply a reflection of my character? Do I have just one or several different addictions? Addictionology If I want to help regulate my depression and burn off some of the calories I consumed during my most recent binge, I should probably do some coke. How many times have I tried to quit smoking, only to ultimately pick up the habit again because I find that it helps me maintain a healthy weight? In practice, what you are doing here is exchanging one substance for another, according to your whims and fancies. In the same way that cancer consumes the mind and body, addiction does as well, despite the fact that it is an illness that is largely unknown and shrouded in secrecy. In point of fact, it is frequently masked by the disease of denial, and the individual who is addicted is typically the one who discovers it the latest.Karren-Lee is the only recognized clinician and researcher in the world for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of processed food addiction. She is the clinical director of Karren-lee-Addictionology, and she is also the founder of the organization. At Karren-Lee neither Dr. Karren-Lee Raymond (PhD) nor any of the other staff members are licensed medical physicians or registered to provide medical services.

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