Growth in Reconstruction Efforts

This venture was conceived by Olivier and Alexandre, two Parisians with an entrepreneurial spirit. They have an in-depth understanding of the Parisian property market and are looking to shake up the conventional model of real estate specialists.The digital disruption of the market necessitates new approaches.In order to develop its competence and stay proactive in the real estate market, rentyourparis, a worldwide real estate firm, uses a 360° service offer and cutting-edge digital solutions to prioritize the client and his real estate Is a Service. Despite the “uberisation” of the market, RENT YOUR PARIS will continue to provide personalised service. Each customer is assigned a single point of contact inside the company who will learn as much as possible about them and their project.There are now 10 dedicated members of staff here at rentyourparis, all of whom work together to provide a full-service, all-encompassing product, from property administration to sales. The team is supported by a web of collaborators comprised of subject matter specialists with whom they enjoy working in an atmosphere of calm efficiency.

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