Everything you need to know about Janene Hoskovec Arizona!

Janene Hoskovec arizona, who used to work for SAP and now lives in Arizona, is accused of coughing on a mother and her child when she worked at the Super Saver grocery store in Lincoln, Nebraska. Both the mother and her child were present at the time. On September 3, 2021, a client at the Super Saver supermarket coughed on another female shopper and her 13-year-old daughter. A footage of a lady pushing a shopping cart and coughing at another consumer due to allergies was posted online. The child’s coughing fit and invitation to her mother and sibling to join a fight were captured on camera and posted online. Once the video was published, it quickly went viral on social media.

Biography of Janene Hoskovec Arizona:

Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Janene Hoskovec (now 55) presently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is a married lady; however whether or not she and her husband, John Greevers, are still together is unknown. At Lincoln High School, she was president of her class before graduating in 1984. Furthermore, she was an active member of the school’s swimming and diving teams. She then worked at SAP in Tempe, Arizona, for two years (June 2018 – June 2020) in the role of account executive.


In 1990, she graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. She also has a master’s degree in engineering from Arizona State University (1997) and studied engineering at the United States Air Force Academy. Before joining Hewlett-Packard in 1999, Janene worked as a technical document specialist at NASA in 1998 and 1999. In the years between 2007 and 2015, she worked as a freelancer for the SAP out of their Scottsdale office.

Information by SAP:

Super Saver store in Lincoln, Nebraska, has published a statement in which it says it is in the midst of opening an investigation into the incidence. The statement was made public after the location claimed it was in the process of beginning the investigation. Later on the 8th of September, 2021, the SAP Business, where the woman had previously worked, issued a statement in which they said, “We have researched the situation and can corroborate the employee in video who will no longer work for the company.”

Presence on social media:

Janene Hoskovec was first uncovered as the person who used to generate films on TikTok and was well-known for sniffing out viral clips and stories. It was first discovered that she was the lady behind ThatDaneshGuy. A video broadcast by Danesh on September 7, 2021, in which she named Hoskovec as her former employer, prompted SAP to publish a statement. The Super Saver team didn’t make any attempts to fix the problem.

Controversy on the Internet:

Father also posted a link to the film, saying his daughter, then 13, “set a motion for the whole incident” by picking her mother and sister as victims. The lady apparently thought they were attempting to get away, so she followed them. Several more arrived quickly but ultimately proved to be useless. The video shows the lone shopper who isn’t hiding her identity behind a mask confronting the other customers who are similarly covered up.


The shopper who was coughing or tickling other customers without a mask was caught on camera by the woman. She exhibited very odd behaviour, declaring that masks are mandatory everywhere. She infuriated the health officials by publishing her video online, even though they had mandated mask use for everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. Janene Hoskovec arizona of Lincoln, Nebraska’s true identity remains unknown. It has been claimed that a shopper named Janene Hoskovec arizona coughed in the presence of a mother and daughter at the Super Saver in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Where, Exactly, Did This Occur?

On September 3, 2021, the coughing woman and her teenage daughter were customers at the Super Saver store located at the corner of South 27th Street and Pine Lake Road.

What kind of investigations have law enforcement officials done so far?

Lincoln Police have not updated their investigation or said whether or not Hoskovec will be charged. There have been arrests and convictions in other states that are similar to this one.

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