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The founders of Travelritz were a group of avid vacationers and authors who saw a need for a website that met all of a visitor’s travel-related information needs in one place. If you’re planning a trip and need some inspiration, practical advice, or unbiased reviews of hotels and transportation options, go no farther than TravelRitz. Our goal is to increase the number of people who travel and the value they place on international experiences. Our mission is to give our readers a sense of what it’s like to travel to other parts of the world via the lens of our own experiences, views, and thoughts. We also provide tips for planning and budgeting your trips, as well as other data that might make your getaways cheaper and more satisfying. The firm was founded on the belief that seeing the world and all it has to offer is one of the greatest sources of personal growth and satisfaction that existence has to offer.

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