Nemo Volaplus Shower Family Set

Nemo Volaplus Shower Family Set (Main Units X2 + Filters X22 + Holder)” indicates a product package that includes a shower, filters, and a holder. Here’s a breakdown of what this set includes:

  1. Main Units X2: These are the main shower devices. With two shower units included, you can have two showerheads in use.
  2. Filters X22: Filters are intended to remove impurities from the water and provide cleaner water. With 22 filters included, you have a large quantity available.
  3. Holder: The holder is used to secure the shower and provides convenient access for users.

With this configuration, the Nemo Volaplus Shower Family Set offers two shower units and a bulk supply of filters, ensuring that multiple family members can enjoy a clean and convenient shower experience.

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