Restoration of the Classic Bath

You might say we fell into the business of refinishing bathrooms. Together with my French business partner, we founded our firm in durabath. Simply put, I was an average Joe in need of a job. Then one day, I ran into France while she was taking Pedro on a walk. Contracts for a business that refinished bathrooms were what she mostly pushed. They urgently needed to replace one of their bath refinishers who had just left the company. Even though I had no idea what a bath refinisher performed, I applied for a job there nevertheless since I was desperate for work.It took me about two months of hard training, but I finally figured out how to paint ancient bathtubs like an expert. I was completely consumed with the idea of rehabilitating them.Many of my clients had neglected their tubs, so I spent much of my time fixing up dated fixtures.Durabath Products and Services is a brand name that originated in France.

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