To what degree do you prefer your drinks cold wine

Everyone, at some point, experiences a wine that just blows their mind. You start searching, but discover that this particular wine is unavailable in the Netherlands.The wow factor in this example was brought on by a glass of Canadian icewine. The steps I took eventually led to my (Ben Velzeboer) becoming a licensed wine importer. Initiate importation just for close associates only. was launched in 2010 as a result of the company’s growing popularity and success. Now, our ice wines may be found on every continent.Since then, the selection has only expanded. In 2013, per consumer demand, beerenauslese was introduced. We entered the commercial wine market in 2014 and have since expanded to include dry wines. Gifting a bottle of ice wine with a bottle of dry red and/or white wine to, say, workers, is a good gesture. It doesn’t take much more work to order some of the winery’s other offerings outside the ice wine and dessertwijn.The ideal serving temperature for ice wine is between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius. The wine should be chilled in a wine cooler with ice for 15 minutes before being served, or refrigerated for at least 90 minutes.Riedel has designed unique glasses only for ice wine.

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