Why is the board’s keyhole so small

For many years, we utilized an English keyboard. We had to resort to using a combination of methods only to get the Sinhala fonts we required on the keyboard.Now, nevertheless, a plethora of innovative Sinhala fonts keyboards has made it possible to access Sinhala fonts with eye-catching designs.There are known concerns with using Sinhala fonts in applications like sinhalakeyboard, therefore modifying certain settings in Microsoft Office is necessary for typing in Sinhala on a personal computer.If you’ve ever utilized Sinhala typefaces styles like Fm, DL in Microsoft Word, you know that the default English keyboard doesn’t support typing such fonts with all of the keys.Say, for instance, you need to utilize the full stop when typing in Sinhala. However, the Sinhala full stop cannot be typed using the full stop key on the English keyboard.To type in Sinhala using this website, you need not be an expert with any Sinhala keyboard design (Windows, Wijesekara, or any English into Sinhala). The only need is that you be able to type the identical term in Singlish sinhalakeyboard. If you type in “mama yanawaa,” for instance, the application will return “mama yanawaa” as the result.

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